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Chiaki Koga
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21-year-old Japanese beauticians on the street in Harajuku. Nao is wearing resale fashion with Gucci and Prada. Ken is wearing a Mr. Gentleman cable knit sweater with Zucca and Nike.
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. Visit
for detail and close up shots, and more street style photos from Tokyo! #tokyo #streetstyle #fashion #japan #harajuku
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Sistar by Lee Younghak for Clride.n campaign
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Pink-paws’ first kawaii giveaway!
Hi :) this is my first time doing a giveaway. Hope you guys like it ^^
RULES: 1. Must be following me, i will check :D 2. Reblog only, no likes 3. Must be following me on instagram if you have one. I will check. My username is kaewkatamon 4. This giveaway is world wide 5. This giveaway will end on 1st of May 6. The winner will be pick by random 7. I will message the winner so please make sure that your ask box is open
WHAT YOU WILL GET:  1. Rilakkuma mechanical pencil x1 2. Kawaii design thermal bottle x1 3. Rilakkuma kawaii stamp x1 4. Green tea kitkat x1 5. Japanese gummy x2 6. Sumikko garashi penguin pouch x1 7. Kawaii pink bunny hoodie (one size) x1
Have anymore questions regarding the giveaway? Ask me ^^
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That’s cool!
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Walking home from work… ♡
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This girl…. she has got the haircolour I want the most >,<
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